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Sweet Miss Mouse just bought a new house!
So why is she so unhappy?

Find out how Miss Mouse  uses The Magical Power of Color  
     to transform her home from one that makes her feel 
sad and gloomy to one that makes her feel 
joyful and full of glee! 


Asanda Ngcobo, who lives in the township of Slangspruit,
South Africa, is a young aspiring illustrator and character/concept creator for The Magical Power of Color.

Watch as Asanda is presented with the finished book and sees his vision of Miss Mouse brought to life!
(Final digital illustrations and color by Michael Tarantino)


What a joy to watch the increasingly popular Scottish Granny read 
The Magical Power of Color to her grandson!

This video has had over 12,000 views and still counting!

This delightfully bright and cheery book welcomes you into the home of Miss Mouse as she transforms her new house from a dull and sad place to a vibrant, happy home. Children will see how color can work a little magic into their lives and send their spirits soaring.


The Seuss-like poetry guides the story in a fun, memorable way. No tablets or smart devices necessary to travel this path from a gloomy existence to a rainbow of happiness. I purchased one copy in Canada and liked the message so much, I've purchased three more to have on hands as gifts for the children in my life.



Oh Nancy, the book is delightful … and so expertly and imaginatively illustrated.  It has a kind of zest about it, as though creating it and illustrating it was just loads of fun.  


It never is of course, writing and publishing is a serious business … sometimes long and with wearying rewrites … but one has the reader in mind, and in "The Magical Power of Color" children can learn how color SPEAKS


Amazing colour and illustrations and poetry!



My grandson who’s 3 ½ loves this book!

A wonderful addition to any home.



I have already read it to my little one three times

because he keeps saying, "again! again!"


He loves colours and painting so much. So it’s a perfect book for him!
That is so cool that you wrote it. Congratulations!!


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