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iStock-637704898 POETRY 1 HOSPITAL - FIN

After long days visiting a grown man in the psychiatric ward

Long quiet empty hallways

Echo with tales from "before here"days.


Broken souls

Devoid of goals.



hard-to-care for

poison the well 

as staff now permalock the patio door.


Hardened nurses putting in time.

Most patients quickly learn, "don't cross the line!"'


No blankets on kiddie style tiny beds

One pillow - small comfort for tortured heads.


A handful of programs start never or usually late.

Resigned say many, "my new fate!"


Sign in for this, sign out for that.

Most look and feel cardboard flat.


The forgotten ones...

The people society shuns.

Women there who desperately fear men

Yet men and women in the same pen.


Medicated faces

Most, agonizing to be other places.


All degrees of crazy

Soon even the craziest get lazy.


Compassion truly hard to see

Just a little of it could help set someone free.


Visitors trickle in here and there.

Mental patients not easy to visit. Life ain't fair.


Worry lines on parents' faces

Hushed conversations in odd places.


Ravaging diseases of the mind

Cures much harder to find.

If you meet one, please count your blessings
and remember to be kind.




iStock-92043138 POETRY 2 BIRTHDAY - FINA

The day I was born – my BIRTH day

Everyone tells me there was not much play.

In case you wonder why?

At zero, I was just a little guy.


I arrived on July 2, 2008 on a Wednesday night

The earlysummer sky still lit with late evening light.


When I turned one

Things got more fun.

Opening so many birthday gifts

In the afternoon sun.


Special books, a wagon, a truck a phone for me

And a bib with my name FRASER for all to see.


A book about Dads with no hair

A book for my Dad and I to share.


Up high in my chair on the old wooden deck

Hands in my first cake, it became a bit of a wreck


When I turned two

There was so much more to do.

I even went to a petting zoo!


As it started to get late

On my deck at four forty eight,

I snuggled in my brand new sleeping bag

Time for a wee deck nap,

Before cake and sitting in Mommy’s lap

When I was bigger, almost three,

I flew in a big jet plane

A very long way – all the way to “Pain.”

Now that I’m six, I know to say Spain.

We met Isaiah and Rene

Who gave me something special to play.

I still play my oud even to this day

When I was four

Lots of kids came to my door

And we waited for the man

Who made magic out of things like a tin can.

A magician so fine

Everyone had a great time!

Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.

Lucky me, there are so many pictures my family takes.

When I was five

We went on a long drive.

I had two parties - one at TighNa Mara

I was so happy, I didn’t have a cara (in the world)


Five was the year of a very special cake

Thomas the Train, a great baker did bake.

The cake seemed too special to eat

But we finished it anyway, it was quite a feat.


When I turned five, a second party for me

Lots of friends and fun –

I am a lucky guy you can see.


And now I am six, a very big boy

It is hard to decide which is my favourite toy.

I like playmobil, lego and cars,

And simple things like counting candies in jars.


I live in a new house across from the park

My party,  this year a day early,

I want it to last until dark.

There is another birthday on this day…

Let me try to give you a hint –

listen to what I say


The other birthday is for a very old pal

Neither a man or gal,

A girl or a boy

And not someone who wants a toy.


It is Canada Day, a very special birthday

One hundred and forty-six years old today.

Now let’s have some fun, maybe a game of tag.

And don’t forget to fly your Canadian flag.

Happy Birthday,

Joyeux Anniversaire

Cher Fraser!

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